Here at Darleys, one of our core values is using local and seasonal ingredients. But why is this so important to us? Here’s what Darleys co-owner Lee Bebbington had to say on the matter:

“By supporting local farmers, native crops and neighbourhood shops and restaurants, we can help to circulate wealth within a community. It also creates a connection and trust among neighbours, establishing a direct bond between the farmer, the local business and the buyer.”

“It’s better for the environment too because the food has travelled a shorter distance so the environmental impact from transportation is reduced. But most importantly, we believe that eating local, seasonal produce is better for you and better tasting, because it’s fresh and perfectly ripe.”

“At the end of the day, it comes down to our desire to serve the best possible food and drink to our diners, so they return and leave us good reviews. As an independently-owned business, our survival depends upon this so it’s within our interests to truly care about quality. And at Darleys, we absolutely do.”

Our local suppliers

Here is a list of the great local businesses we currently source our food and drink from. We’re always on the lookout for exceptional new local suppliers, so if you have something special to offer, do get in touch.

Owen Taylor & Sons

Leading catering butchers, Owen Taylor & Sons, have been in business since 1922 and are family-owned. The vast majority of their beef, pork and lamb is sourced from farms in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, then brought to their site for maturation and preparation.

Nottingham Seafoods

Nottingham Seafoods is a family run company that began as a retail stand in the local market and has now grown to become Nottingham’s one and only fresh fish and seafood wholesale business. It’s led by a team with over 80 years combined experience in the fish industry and has links with all major UK ports. They buy fish daily so we get the freshest seafood possible.

Freshview Foods

Staffordshire-based Freshview Foods supply us with a range of produce, including local fruit, vegetables, herbs and micro herbs. They have a passion for quality, taste, origin and value.

47 Degrees Coffee

A new supplier for Darleys, Aidy and the team at 47 Degrees supply our hand-roasted award-winning coffee. It’s roasted locally at Langley Mill in Derbyshire, in small batches every week, to ensure our coffee is always at its peak of freshness.

Derventio Brewery

Another new supplier for us, Derventio is a craft brewery based just around the corner from our restaurant, within the Darley Abbey World Heritage Site. It produces a small range of award-winning beers as well as seasonal brews.

Darley Abbey Cider 

Darley Abbey Cider is made using a single year’s harvest of locally-grown apples, pressed during late autumn then left to mature into a deliciously crisp and refreshing cider. Based just a stone’s throw away from our restaurant, they are one of our most recent suppliers.

Freedom Brewery

Freedom Brewery produces a range of beers from a farm in Staffordshire. The team use British malted barley and water from a natural spring underneath the brewery in their recipes, and mature their beers for at least 28 days. We love the taste and we hope you do too; they are one of our new local suppliers.

HalfPenny Green Wines

Another great export from Staffordshire, HalfPenny Green Wines began 30 years ago when farmer Martin Vickers had a vision to plant a vineyard that would one day match continental sites. Today, Martin manages 30 acres of vines, which produce award-winning wines that are crafted by his son Clive. We have recently started stocking their red, white, rosé and sparkling wines.

R.P.Davidson, The Cheese Factor

R.P. Davidson is a family-owned-and-run traditional cheesemonger, based in Chesterfield. It was formed in 1960 by Roy Davidson, father of the current proprietor, Simon, who is now a part-owner of Hartington Creamery. The firm supply delicious local cheese such as stilton from Hartington and goat’s cheese from Belper, well as traditional English, French and other continental cheeses.

Duffield Dairy

Another new supplier to Darleys, Duffield Dairy in Derbyshire provide us with award-winning milk and cream. The business is run by the Foster family who have farmed at Burley Meadows Farm in Duffield since 1965. They have a 100-strong herd of home-bred Fresian cows, who are fed mainly on produce grown at the farm and who graze on land which is not intensively farmed.

G1 Withers Gin

Withers Gin was founded by Derby-based gin enthusiast Sarah Withers, and is a family owned business. G1 is the first gin release from the company and it’s an exceptionally smooth and well-balanced 40% ABV London Dry Gin. It is distilled in Leicester at Bond Street Distillery. We’re excited to welcome this new product behind the bar at Darleys!

Shining Cliff Gin

Produced in Ambergate, Derbyshire by White Peak Distillery, Shining Cliff Gin is a complex yet perfectly balanced, smooth dry gin with a wonderful floral nose. It’s made from 13 botanicals, which are vapour-distilled to ensure all of the delicate flavours are captured.

Chapel Down

Based in Kent, Chapel Down supply us with world-class sparkling and still wines as well as Curious Brew lager, which won Gold at the World Beer Awards 2019. It’s an official supplier to No 10 Downing Street, is the official sparkling wine of the Oxford & Cambridge Boat Races, and the first English wine to be served at Ascot racecourse. Pretty impressive!